Setting Thesaurus Entry: Waterfall


A white, frothy cascade of water falling into a plunge pool, rocky outcroppings, lichen, moss, slippery rock, lush grasses, plants and flowers, mist, spray, rainbows, ripples, droplets, trees clinging to cliffs and overhanging the pool, butterflies, birds, flies, dragonflies, animals drinking from the pool, fish in the pool, sun baked rocks, soft beds of grass nearby, tourists swimming, picnicking or taking pictures, mud, sand, shale, pebbled rock on the shoreline, weeds, cattails, ferns, shiny leaves/foliage, mossy boulders, cliffs, blue-green water, gentle waves lapping the shoreline, multi-colored pebbles, sunshine, light glittering across the water, mulit-tiered drops, ledges, crevices, cracks, wet rock platforms, caves, tree and rock-lined wide open sky above


The roar of water, water droplets pattering against rock, people speaking with raised voices, laughter, (loud) bird calls,


Water-saturated air, rich earth, green, growing things, sweet flowers perfuming the air, moss, slimy rock algae, suntan lotion or sunscreen, food odors from picnickers, pine needles (if pine/spruce trees are present)


Water, food and beverages brought in


Mist on dry skin, the cool slide of water over the skin, water resisting movement as you swim or wade, a shock of cold water touching feet, water seeping into shoes, sand, pebbles or rocks against the bottoms of your feet, tall lush grass sliding across calves, sitting on a warm rock in the sun, rough stone handholds against the palms and fingertips, slipping on a wet or algae-covered rock, the sting of an accidental scrape, feeling the hard tattoo beat of the falling water on the head and shoulders, water filling the ears, sliding hands back to slick hair back, holding a hand into the beating froth, letting the water pummel palm, diving beneath the surface, air bubbles sliding against skin, a fish bumping against a leg, stomach tightening as you dive off a ledge, squeezing water from hair, lying back on the grass or a large boulder to sun-dry, heat against the skin, warming and pulling moisture from the skin and clothes, the rubbing discomfort of wet shoes and socks, the sting of make up or sun screen getting into eyes, wiping spray off cheeks or using a shirt tail to rub it off glasses

Helpful hints:

--The words you choose can convey atmosphere and mood.

Example 1:

Looking down from my rocky perch, mist billowed out in soft clouds where water and gravity collided. Sam waved as he treaded water below, his mouth moving but his words lost in the roar of the waterfall. I didn't need to hear him to know he was egging me on as usual. The breeze played with my hair, brushing it against my shoulders. A stray water droplet landed on my arm as I pulled in a deep breath. I could do this.

Example 2:

Rick pushed his fists into the lush grass and lifted himself free of the rippling pool. Water ran off his shoulders and tracked down his back as he dropped onto the bed of green, his chest heaving with adrenaline. The sound of the waterfall filled his ears like thundering applause, as if it too was pleased that finally, after making the trek to the top so many times, he had found the courage to jump.

--Similes and metaphors create strong imagery when used sparingly.

Example 1: (Simile)

A flat boulder rose up from the center of the plunge pool, it's sun-baked surface and incredible waterfall backdrop drawing her on like a cat to a sunny window seat.

Example 2: (Metaphor)

Sandy took a deep breath and moved under the spray. Cold, watery fingers kneaded her tight shoulders with the practiced skill of a masseuse, drumming away the stress accumulated over the six month long contract dispute.

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Stina Lindenblatt said...

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Such wonderful content for great images! Thanks:)
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Ann Finkelstein said...

This topic is a bit cruel for those of us living in the frozen Midwest. No, seriously these are lovely images.

Danyelle said...

I love this! I can almost feel the spray of water seeping into my skin like a fine mist. Excellent!

Bish Denham said...

Calgon...take me away! Another wonderful post.

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