Setting Thesaurus Entry: Public Pool (outdoor)


Sun dappled water, kids splashing, swimming, waving, jumping, dunking, diving, plugging their nose, adjusting goggles, slapping at the water with pool noodles, paddling, kicking their feet, spitting out water, swiping wet hair off the face, wiggling a finger in the ear, adjusting swim suits, kids with red eyes, water wings, nose plugs, bathing caps, band aids and hair ties floating in the water, wet towels, piles of clothing, lockers, benches, lawn chairs, picnic blankets, towels laid out on grass or cement, a concession, trees, grassy area, showers, bathrooms, floaty toys, babies in wide hats, sunglasses and floaty seats, mothers corralling kids or throwing diving sticks, water slides, mothers sitting on the side with their feet dangling in the water, a first aid station, life preservers, life jackets, balls, life guards, life guard booth, diving board, puddles of water, wet cement, flies, bugs, sunshine, sun screen, bug spray, beach umbrellas, back packs, water toys, water guns, foam footballs, water level markings, deep end divider, vents, drains, filters, sandals, flip-flops, teen boys showing off, teen girls with raccoon eyes.


Laughing, shrieking, calling out to one another, shouts, gasps for air, stuttering voices as you catch your breath, moms yelling at their kids, life guard whistle, leaves rustling, water splashing and sploshing, the spray of a shower snapping on and off, belly flops, feet slapping the wet concrete, plunging dives, scavenger birds squawking as they steal food left on blankets, waterlogged noises from plugged ears, coughing/choking from swallowing water, the crinkle of chip bags and ice cream wrappers, cell phones going off, music from radios or over a loudspeaker


Chlorine, sunscreen (coconut/oily/fruity), bug spray, oil and grease from fries at the concession, grass, suntan lotion, fabric softener from clean towels


Concession food: (Pop, juice, water, freezies, slushes, ice cream, chips, nachos, fries, hot dogs, chocolate bars), gum, mints, sandwiches, fruit or berries, chlorinated water, sunscreen leaking into mouth,


Gritty concrete underfoot, slippery tiles, soft, cool water, water drizzling down face and legs, drips of water landing on the feet, hot walkways, clean towels rubbing against the skin, prickly grass sticking to swimsuit and skin, snakes of hair clinging to neck and shoulders, sweeping hair out of eyes, the pinch of goggles, grabbing onto the handrails to boost yourself up, the drag and pull of the water, chlorine stinging in the eyes, wrinkly fingertips and toes, hot sun drying wet skin, plucking out a wedgie, sunburn on skin, holding an icy drink, brushing chip crumbs off a swim suit, bumping against other swimmers, brushing the sides of the pool, tying back wet hair,

Helpful hints:

--The words you choose can convey atmosphere and mood.

Example 1:

After pulling myself out of the pool, I plodded across the gritty cement to where my crumpled towel lay. Water dripped off me like a rainstorm as I bent to shake grass off the striped fabric. A few minutes lying in the sun and I'd be dry enough to bike home.

Example 2:

Marcus waved from the far end of the pool, trying to catch Edward's attention. Finally the blond haired boy noticed his flapping arms and threw the purple foam football toward him. It landed with a splash two feet away, drenching an old guy so hairy he looked like a yeti's second cousin. Marcus swiped up the football floating on the surface and then snapped a quick toss back, sending the torpedo to its owner.

--Similes and metaphors create strong imagery when used sparingly.

Example 1: (Simile)

Brady dove under the water after the dive stick, his feet propelling him forward like a submarine at full speed.

Example 2: (Metaphor)

The two-year-old sputtered and kicked in her blow up water chair, a determined tug boat straining to explore the shallow waters.

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Kelly said...

Good summer entry!
Angela, great interview at Samantha Fey!

Mary Witzl said...

Wish I were at a pool right now, though in a warmer place; it's raining and windy here.

The swimming pool smell I will never forget is the smell of wet cement or concrete. My sisters and I always swore this smell was the very essence of summer.

Angela said...

Balance <--- just a suggestion for adding that sense... it changes so when in and out of the water.

Love your blog!


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