Setting Thesaurus Entry: Tree House

wooden planks, cut-out window, rope ladder, boards nailed to tree trunk to make a ladder, chipped/mismatched dishes, ratty furniture, carpet remnants, curtains, junk food wrappers, crumbs, books/magazines, legs dangling from the sides or through the trap door, trees, leaves, branches, moss, squirrels, birds, insects, lizards, the backyard, swing set, dappled shade and sunlight, discarded toys on the lawn, the back of the house, lights shining from windows, sprinklers, cushions, pillows, posters nailed to the wall, names signed or carved in the wood, trap door, rope with bucket tied to it, playing cards, roof, spiderwebs, cloth nailed over windows for curtains, keep out signs or club name signs, pocket knife, secret stash of treasures or forbidden items


creak of boards, rope ladder scraping against tree trunk, wind in the leaves, leaves brushing against the house, branches creaking, curtains flapping, soda cans popping open, rustle of candy wrappers, crunch of potato chips, birds singing, scrabble of lizards on wood, insects buzzing, squirrels chattering, laughter, conversation, pages turning, quiet sound of music from an MP3 player, rain on the roof, click of someone texting on a phone, distant voices from house/neighborhood, drone of cars on the road, dogs barking, doors slamming, rhythmic patter of sprinklers, whispering, giggling


nearby flowers, fresh-mown grass, new wooden planks, sawdust, rain, fresh air, tree sap, moldy furniture/carpet, chocolate, sweat, hamburgers/hot dogs cooking, chimney smoke, pitch/sap, musty cushions


water, soda, juice, chocolate, candy, chips, sandwiches, cookies, rain, sweat, stolen cigarettes


rough/smooth wooden planks, nail heads sticking out of boards, gaps in boards, breeze blowing through the window, curtains brushing your skin, treehouse swaying in a strong wind, scratchy rope, nappy carpet, soft fabric on furniture, glossy feel of magazines, papery book pages, rough tree bark, bite of mosquito, raindrops/cool mist from sprinklers, splinters under the skin, fingers pinched between boards, rough housing with friends, hard floor beneath back, leaning against the walls or trunk, running fingers over a cherished item (a collectible baseball card, the skull of an animal that was found, a metal box with personal items in it, etc)

Helpful hints:

--The words you choose can convey atmosphere and mood.

Example 1:

Kent gasped and yanked his hand back as the splinter skewered his palm. The floorboards creaked and he froze. Shoot--had they heard? Carefully, holding his breath tight in his chest, Kent leaned down to stare through the open knothole in the floor. Mark and his posse were right beneath him, looking around, trying to figure out where he'd gone.

Example 2:

I looked up from my magazine to see what the guys were up to. Jimmy was polishing the rocks he'd collected at the creek and lining them up on the narrow shelf above the window. Connor and Darren were throwing darts scavenged from the dump at a target drawn on the wall with a sharpie pen. I grinned and turned a page of my Mad Magazine. This is what summer was all about--hanging with the guys, no girls, no parents...and most importantly, no school work to worry about.
--Similes and metaphors create strong imagery when used sparingly.

Example 1: (Simile)

In the storm, leaves and branches battered against the walls like zombies looking for their next meal.

Example 2: (Metaphor)

Moonlight streamed in the window--nature's night light watching over us.


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Tree houses ROCK! Great post.

anneskal said...

I like example 1 of the simile. Gives me the shivers!
(--aka "stormie" from AW)

Karen and Robyn - Writing for Children said...

Interesting site and a great list. A member of my children's critique group recommended your site.
Karen Cioffi

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Very nice! I loved designing tree houses as a child. :D Much fun!

Christina Farley said...

Great as always~

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I always wanted a tree house. :)

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You put a lot of love and effort into these things, don't you? It shows.

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