Setting Thesaurus Entry: The Stands at a Sporting Event


Fans, team jerseys, face paint, ball caps, sweaters, rain gear, beer in plastic cups, hard plastic benches or seats, air horns, foam fingers, plastic bull horns, pennants, flags, hand-made signs, pom poms, cameras flashing, popcorn littered tiered seating, concrete or metal steps, pop, water bottles, fry trays, pretzels, hot dogs, ice cream, nachos with cheese, crumbled up candy bags, frilly paper hot dog holders, hot dogs, employees hawking food, drinks and 50-50 tickets, numbers on seats and rows, wet floors from spills, people sitting & standing shoulder to shoulder, camaraderie between strangers, ice cream dripping onto fingers and clothes, team shirts, team colors, people with ball gloves, football helmets or other gear tailored on the event, special pads to soften the seat, jackets slung over the back of a seat, umbrellas, bare chested men with numbers painted on them, souvenirs, pins, sunglasses left behind, trash among the seats, empty beer/pop cans, cotton candy, peanuts, peanut shells, metal railings, numbered steps, a view of the jumbo-tron, speakers, mascots frolicking with the crowd, men frothing at cheerleaders, a t-shirt gun shooting t shirts into the crowd, people jumping to catch a fly ball or high puck, opposing team jerseys, fights breaking out, shouting matches, money changing hands, TV cameras, signs for sponsors, ad banners, security staff, glass separators


Announcer on loud speaker, screams, shouts, cheers, whistles, cat calls, grumbles, groans, beer cans crumpling, seats creaking, talking, laughing, joking, booing, muttering, people trying to talk over the crowd, music, referee's whistle, swearing, the crinkle of food wrappers, the crunch of popcorn & nacho chips, slurping on drinks, team member interviews, voice-over ads during time outs, cell phones going off, the roar of a crowd chanting in unison, fireworks going off, marching bands at half time, a far off shout between players, the patter of popcorn spilling over the top of the bag as someone jumps up and down with excitement, the rustle of pom poms, horns honking, police/security radios, the rattle of a paper sign being shaken at the team, the crunch of pop corn/peanut shells underfoot


Pop corn, hot dogs, sweaty bodies, perfume, spilled beer, orange pop, grease, cinnamon, sugar, tart/astringent condiments (mustard, vinegar for fries, ketchup), cotton candy machines, ozone-like smell of cement/metal (especially when raining or cold)


Water, beer, pop, hot dogs, mini donuts, churros, garlic fries, hamburgers, candy chocolate bars, ice cream, licorice, warm peanuts, pretzels, juice, ketchup, gravy, grease, corn dogs, onion rings, slush drinks, snow cones (root beer, cherry, lime, pina colada, strawberry, blue raspberry, orange), pop corn, cotton candy, nachos, cheese, salsa, jalapenos, an oniony burp


Hard seats on the backside, back pain, strain from sitting &/or standing, bumping against other people, feet sticking to the stands, giving someone a high five, grabbing at someone in an exciting moment, beer being dumped on you by accident, tripping in the narrow isles, patting someone on the back or shoulder, finding gum on the seat, accidentally kicking trash or empty bottles, stepping on someone else's foot, gripping a bag of popcorn, licorice or peanuts so it doesn't get dislodged by a stray elbow or hand, cold condensation against the hand from beer, water or pop containers, the tick of popcorn off your clothes as someone accidentally spills, spittle in the face when someone leans in close to shout something at you, elbow jabs, greasy fingers, licking grease or ketchup off the fingers, swiping at hands and face with a napkin, wiggling around in the seat because you have to go to the bathroom but don't want to miss any game time

Helpful hints: --The words you choose can convey atmosphere and mood.

Example 1:

The first game of the season, every seat was filled, the stadium a showcase of the Stampeders' red and white colors. As the football players hit the field, their strides both energetic and nervous, a familiar chant began up in the stands. Soon every throat gave pride a voice, their song swelling until the stadium itself began to vibrate. At the last note, a cascade of fireworks lit up the dusky sky and everyone erupted into ecstatic cheers.

Example 2:

I pushed my elbows into my sides and stared down to the full cup of beer I was trying to protect. Silly me, thinking I'd actually get to drink it--even the slightest movement and I'd bump into the meaty overflow of the career couch potato next to me. This always happened, every year. I never got a spot next to the anorexic teen or the stringy management consultant, no way. Instead I'd get stuck sitting next to Jabba the Hutt in a stained undershirt, getting everything imaginable dumped on me every time we scored a touch down.

--Similes and metaphors create strong imagery when used sparingly.

Example 1: (Simile)

Every time the row of shirtless super fans jumped up from their seats, the painted slogan, "Go Flames Go!" jiggled across their bulging stomachs like the words were made of Jell-o.

Example 2: (Metaphor)

When the horn sounded to end the Grey Cup, the jubilant crowd jumped up, hands punching the air and popcorn flying across the seats in a buttery snowfall.


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