Setting Description Entry: Movie Theatre


White screen, velvey curtains, round lights, carpeted floor, lighted steps, padded seats, lopsided broken seats, popcorn boxes, drink cups, pop bottles, water bottles, candy wrappers, chocolate bar wrappers, nacho trays, cup holders, napkins, booster seats, posters, garbage bins, popcorn/skittles/smarties/gum on the floor, moviegoers, kids running up stairs, teens jumping over rows/throwing popcorn, coats over seats, purses, people juggling food/drinks, movie previews and advertisments, a theatre attendant walking down the aisle during the movie with a flashlight, feet up on seats, big hair, people wearing hats, straws, staff cleaning up spills, seats rocking back and forth, people waving to each other


Whispering during the movie, too-noisy previews, cell phones being turned off, the feature film dialogue, music from the soundtrack, popcorn crunching, slurping pop up straws, fizz of soda bottles being opened, gum popping, laughter, crying, screams, seats squeaking, seats thumping closed as someone gets up to use the restroom, catcalls, cell phones going off by accident, people dropping things, the rattle of ice in a drink container


Popcorn, salt, butter, grease, chocolate, perfume, cologne, wet carpet, old fabric chairs, smelly feet, spices (from salsa, pizza, etc), sweet soda, cold food in the garbage can

hot popcorn, salt, butter, chocolate, licorice, mint, peanuts, chewy and hard candy, nachos and cheese, pretzels, soda, water

carpeted steps, sticky floor, cloth seats, plastic drink holders, bounce of seats as you sit down or get up, too-cold air conditioning, people stepping on your feet when they pass by, perspiring beverages, cold bottles, bendy straw, gritty buttery popcorn, melty chocolate, gooey nachos, cardboard trays/popcorn and candy boxes, thin napkins, shoulders brushing the people next to you, someone's feet on the back of your chair

Helpful hints:

--The words you choose can convey atmosphere and mood.

Example 1: It took three attempts to find a seat that didn't try to dump me on the floor. Loose upholstery strings tickled my arms as I settled in. I aimed my drink toward the plastic holder, but it banged against the sides--too big. I thought about setting it on the ground, but the sticky squeak of my shoes said the floor already had enough soda. I squeezed the softening cup between my knees and tore open a bag of Skittles. A baby cried somewhere down front. Ahh, the Dollar Movie Theater. Worth every cent.

Example 2: She sneered at the poor saps milling around the front of the theater: arms balancing flimsy trays of candy and soda; necks craning to find an empty seat; boxes of once-hot popcorn quickly cooling into greasy clumps. Desperate voices drifted up to her: "Are those seats taken?" Michelle shook her head and rattled her half-empty box of Goobers. People who showed up on opening night with five minutes to spare got just what they deserved.

--Similes and metaphors create strong imagery when used sparingly.

Example 1: (Simile) The movie wasn't funny, but we all laughed at the right spots, like brainwashed zombies doing what we were supposed to.

Example 2: (Metaphor) The woman next to me blew into her hands. Someone sneezed. I shivered and wrapped my arms around my knees--one of a hundred frozen bonbons in a theater-sized icebox.


Windsong said...

Your helpful hints part is a wonderful thing! :)

Mary Witzl said...

I always get inspired here. I can practically hear the squick-squick sound your feet make on sticky movie theater floors, and smell popcorn in its glass case.

Angela said...

Thanks peeps!

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usllay you do not list . can be helpful