Last Call for "Can you Hook Us?" Entries

All right folks, I'll be shutting down this contest in just a few hours. There's a small window of time to get in those last few entries.

Want to show us what you've got? Here's the details:

How do you enter?

We are looking for engaging 1-2 sentence book blurbs from your completed novel or work-in-progress. All genres are welcome except for Erotica. You can submit your blurbs either in the comment section here, or email Angela through her profile contact info. Please include the title, and if you like, the genre. Your goal is to hook us as best you can, so make your blurb compelling, accurate and dynamic.

Who can enter?

Anyone who is a current Follower of The Bookshelf Muse or is a member of our Facebook Group. And since I'm in a great mood over finally having my kitchen cabinets installed after huge delays (YAY!), anyone who has joined up since the contest opened is welcome to submit as well.

Now, the good stuff...prizes!

Up for grabs are 3 double critiques (one from Becca, one from Angela) on your first chapter or 3000 words, whichever comes first. We will pick our top three hooks and the prizes will be awarded on Sunday, March 22. If a Picture Book is chosen, the we will critique the full manuscript.

You can find all the current entries in the comments here.


Windsong said...

Once again, thanks for doing this. :)

Lady Glamis said...

Great contest, you guys! Hope you got some good ones!

Casey said...

I kept going back and forth about entering and decided someone else could probably use the critique more than me at the moment, should I have won.

I can't wait to see which blurbs win though!


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