Follower Contest Extension

Hi guys!

We're going to extend our "Can you Hook Us?" Follower contest until March 20th to make sure all our Followers get ample time to get in their entries. Too, we've seen a few blurbs that don't quite follow guidelines, so I'll re post the rules here.

Please read the contest guidelines carefully before submitting.

How do you enter?

We are looking for engaging 1-2 sentence book blurbs from your completed novel or work-in-progress. All genres are welcome except for Erotica. You can submit your blurbs either in the comment section, or email Angela through her profile contact info. Please include the title, and if you like, the genre. Your goal is to hook us as best you can, so make your blurb compelling, accurate and dynamic.

Who can enter?

Anyone who is a current Follower of The Bookshelf Muse or is a member of our Facebook Group. And since I'm in a great mood over finally having my kitchen cabinets installed after huge delays (YAY!), anyone who has joined up since the contest opened is welcome to submit as well.

Now, the good stuff...prizes!

Up for grabs are 3 double critiques (one from Becca, one from Angela) on your first chapter or 3000 words, whichever comes first. We will pick our top three hooks and the prizes will be awarded on Sunday, March 22. If a Picture Book is chosen, the we will critique the full manuscript.

I'll post the current entries in the comment section so you can see the competition. If your entry is not included, likely your email has gone astray or the guidelines weren't quite followed, so feel free to resubmit.

Happy Hooking!
And I mean that in a writerly way, not...*coughs*


Angela said...

THE SAME SKIN (YA fantasy) -

Your first first kiss should be memorable, passionate, breathtaking and should never, ever end with whiskers growing out of your face. Puberty is hard enough to deal with, Jane Evans didn’t bargain on turning into a seal as well, being Selkie could cost her more than she bargained for.



"Nothing like death in the morning to start my day"



When Maya's mother, and only family, is brutally murdered Maya is thrown into the foster care system. Not only must she deal with the small things, like having a room mate and a new school, but she must deal with her grief and the discovery that the murderer is living in her new back yard.



Follow Alex Finch’s attempts to emerge from the wreckage of his shattered dreams. Will he ever find the happiness he craves with his love, Sam Barrowdale, or will a corrupt pharmaceutical company that seems more set on harming than curing forever stand in his way?

Angela said...


Wrangled into a marriage alliance by politics, and the body of a bird by magic, Alora feels like she’s been drawn and is waiting to be quartered. Magic got her into this mess, now it’s going to have to get her out of it; if only fixing politics was so easy.

Just_Me said...

I really hate blurbs... but I'll give it a try.

Kit Marlowe, special forces pilot and pop star, is desperate to survive, even if that means confronting the family she’s always run from, trusting the man who scares her most, and starting an inter-planetary rebellion.

Hazardgal said...

Adult Fantasy Fiction
Beneath These Hills

Bimbi and Tug's fragile young son is missing from their new home in the Appalachian Mountains and was last seen lurking around a forgotten outhouse. The world beneath them, riddled with caves and abandoned mines seems to have lured him away into a web of decay and certain death.

debmarshall said...

MY LIFE AS A TO-DO LIST (MG-Contemporary)

With a PDA, the music from Swan Lake, and enough notebooks to sink a canoe, Chloe is going to transform herself into someone her mother wants to live with.


Princess Brigitta thought working anonymously as an au pair would be a welcome change, until she finds her sexy boss is really Cinderella-man.

Yunaleska said...

Thank you for extending the deadline - much appreciated. 

beth said...


Elder, a boy born on a space ship, discovers a hidden room filled with cryogenically frozen people--including a girl who interests him in ways he's never felt before. When someone starts unplugging the helpless frozen people, Elder must discover the murderer among his fellow shipmates.

*Thank you for extending the deadline! It took me this long to narrow down my plot into two sentences!!!*

Christina Farley said...

Thanks for extending the deadline. I emailed you mine. :)

Angela said...

Genre- YA romantic paranormal

When sixteen year-old Alyssa Milton starts having visions and dreams, little does she know she isn’t human but an immortal stripped of her memories. She must take possession of her powers and Sight to fight for what she truly believes in—freedom of her soul.

Angela said...

Title: P2PC
(SciFi Romance)

Lissa Bruce boards a research vessel named in honor of her murdered spouse—except she wasn't technically married, he wasn't really murdered, and her identity has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Now she must face three of the most powerful forces in the universe: gravity, extremists...and love.

Teri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angela said...

HAFAN DEG (Safe Harbor in Welsh)

Literary Fiction

Karen Miles seems to have it all with her great London publishing job, money, travel, Bond Street shopping, and the occasional man, but suddenly she’s showing some wear and tear, and life is becoming more tedious. A derelict house, Hafan Deg, in north Wales, along with a band of unlikely helpers, becomes the catalyst for her own restoration.

Teri said...

(Hi Angela - can you delete my previous entry and use this one instead? Thanks!)

Title: Dreaming Paradise (Young Adult)

Sixteen year old Jade Gonzalez found it hard to believe her grandmother’s story about Hidden Falls and how it took her to a Hawaii of the past, but when she explored the falls, she too found herself in 1952 and met the boy of her dreams. Is Jade able to bridge the gap in time or will she walk away from a love she may never find again?

Angela said...


Strachan (pronounced ‘Strawn’ per the Gaelic) Marshall, has rather a dull life, despite a so-so job, okay apartment, a cat named Rupert, and one good friend, but she’s never been in love and certainly never had the impulse to write, and so when she produces a beautifully-executed and poignant novel set in WWII England, as accurate as if she’d lived through it, people have questions, and telling the truth would mark her as psychotic, so she lies. Nobody knows about Strachan’s attic.

Angela said...


Talem's turning into a cheat, Ketin's got claws, Lania's using people for pin cushions, Pyle's fighting with himself and the guardian of Storm has decided to make a rotting appearance. Maybe Sabina should start believing those conspiracy theories sooner rather than later before she has more than crying diamonds to worry about.

Fring said...

Thank you for extending the deadline. :)

Title: The Drowning Planet

Genre: Sci Fi

I spend most days convincing people that I'm not about to gnaw on something. Now that I'm following this weird girl around to help her build a time machine, I'm not so sure that's true.

ElanaJ said...

Am I too late? If not, CONTROL ISSUES

In a world where Thinkers control the population and Rules are not meant to be broken, fifteen-year-old Violet Schoenfeld does a hell of a job shattering them to pieces. When secrets about her “dead” sister and not-so-missing father hit the fan, Vi must make a choice: control or be controlled.

Angela said...

The submissions re now closed. If you don't see your entry here it either was lost in cyberspace or your entry was over the 2 sentence maximum. Thanks to everyone who entered!


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