Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Hopefulness

  • A flutter in the belly
  • A brightened countenance
  • A jolt through the body
  • Waving/flapping the hands
  • Bouncing on the balls of one's feet
  • Quivering breaths
  • A trembling voice
  • Refusing to consider, speak of, or listen to any negative possibilities
  • Rapid swallowing and nodding
  • Talking under the breath to oneself about the best outcome
  • Rapt, positive attention on a task or person involved
  • Hands clasped in prayer, pressed to the lips, eyes closed
  • Arms clutching one's sides while moving about, showing cautious hope
  • Glancing upward and exhaling
  • The gaze darting to a person or object that symbolizes hope (a friend in the know, the phone)
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PJ Hoover said...

Thanks again for another great entry! Love you gals!

Kelly said...

I feel a flutter in my belly when I see an email from someone I submitted to....There's always hope!

Mary Witzl said...

Once again, I think you've gotten them all!

I'll come back the next time I need some signs of hope. (You'll see me again very soon...)

Angela said...

Thanks Pj and Mary! Kelly, I get a flutter to. :-)


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