Emotion Thesaurus Addendum: Loneliness

  • People watching, craving contact (visiting a park to feed birds, sitting on the porch)
  • Wearing comfort clothes
  • Using books, the Internet, or TV to generate a feeling of interaction
  • An expression that crumples when people show affection for one another
  • A pain in the chest
  • A downcast gaze
  • Tears, sadness, depression
  • Giving an abnormal amount of love and attention to someone or something (daily visits to a neighbor, treating a pet like a baby)
  • Bingeing (overeating, hoarding, buying unnecessary items)
  • Frequently calling family or friends
  • A willingness to talk to strangers just to interact--at the grocery, in the library, etc.
  • A disinterest in one's appearance or an abnormal interest in one's appearance
  • Slumped shoulders, limp posture

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Jill Wheeler said...

I hope that you're not feeling lonely today. :/

Thanks for visiting my blog!

PJ Hoover said...

Funny emotion for Thanksgiving! I hope there was little loneliness in the world yesterday!

Laura said...

Great stuff here. Thanks!

Angela said...

LOL Jill and PJ--this is my bad. I was just following my list in order, not really thinking about what day it came up on. Being Canadian, I had my Turkey day a month ago so I just didn't clue in.

Thanks for stopping in Laura!

Natalie Hatch said...

Thanks for this one, my heroine is going through this right now and I couldn't describe how she was physically coping... now I can!

dumpedbyahallucination said...

I've just been browsing around because I just found it, and this site is amazing! I know you get told it a lot but praise is praise, right? :)

I felt so lonely myself reading this list. I'm just. Well. This site is excellent. That's all.

Suzy x

Angela said...

Glad it helps, Nat! And welcome, dumpedbyahallucination!


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