Emotion Thesarus Entry: Desperation

·Pleading, begging
·Anxious muttering to oneself
·Grabbing fistfuls of hair at the sides of the head
·Crying, sobbing, wailing
·Unable to make out words properly, incomprehensible to others
·A willingness to do anything to change the outcome, even committing acts that go against one's moral code
·Stuttering, inarticulation
·Extreme risk-taking in order to survive or protect another
·Pleading to be exchanged for another: "Take me instead!" or "I'll go, you stay."
·Grabbing onto another person or shaking them in an effort to make yourself heard
·Internal anguish that leads to law-breaking or betrayal in order to save oneself or another
·Increased strength, fortitude, or whatever is needed to survive or save another
·Irrational thinking, poor judgement
·Refusing to see truth or be reasoned with
·Rubbing own upper arms for comfort
·Hugging shoulders, chin tight to the chest

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PJ Hoover said...

Oh, this is a great one! Thanks!
There's always a use for it - at least for my characters. I don't want any despair :)

C.R. Evers said...

I swear you guys must have a camera in my house when you make these lists!!!!! %0P

Another great list!


Bish Denham said...

Just reading this list made me feel desperate. Good job! I LOVE thi s Thesarus.

Becca said...

Who told??

Angela said...

Thanks Bish! And I agree PJ, let's leave the despair to the characters!

Hannah said...

Literally, as SOON as I started reading this, I wanted to go off and write a description.

Thank you so much for this. :)

Mike's Blog said...

"I have," I sobbed uncontrollably, sniff, sob, "I have..." It was like a cork floating in a bottle of words. Each time I went to pour, the cork jammed in my throat.