Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Satisfaction

·A deep sniff while lifting the chin
·Apt dialogue that sums up the situation perfectly
·Justified possessiveness
·Saying "I told you so"
·Taking deep breaths, savoring the moment
·Casually anchoring a hand on the hip
·Stretching the arms out wide and taking a deep breath
·Warmth spreading throughout body
·Happiness over work done well, euphoria
·Whistling, humming, contentment
·A quick nod to oneself or another for completing a project

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GutsyWriter said...

Your are amazingly helpful with the ways you offer writers how to "show vs. tell." That was a major problem for me and yesterday I read a chapter after having revised it for the 10th time, using your emotional thesaurus and received so many compliments on how listeners could see and feel my story. Thanks again for another great entry.

Just_Me said...

Some of these are very mean examples of satisfaction, but they're true :o)

Angela said...

Gutsywriter: Great to hear how the ET is helping!

Just_me: I know! I think I picked up a lot of the negatives from recently reading 'Golden' By Jennifer Lynn Barnes (popular crowd cutthroat type plot). Because of that, I may have missed some obvious 'nice examples' so if you can think of anything I missed, please add it to the commets, with my thanks!

PJ Hoover said...

No way! Twice this week I've surfed over and checked for Satisfaction. You've answered my subliminal calls.

Angela said...

PJ--That would be our mind control at work. You've been forgetting to wear your tinfoil hat lately...muahahaaa.

Marian said...

I recently had a vacation, and I used one day to give myself a makeover (short fashionable haircut and contacts). When I went back to work, my coworkers said ooh and aah, and I found myself looking into every reflective surface with this pleased little Mona Lisa smile (that expression of glowy confidence in your list).

That was when I noticed I had these little lines on either side of my nose.

Way to bring me back down to earth, little lines. ;)

Angela said...

You mean tan lines from your glasses, Marian?

Marian said...

No, the lines that are more evident on either side of your nostrils when you smile. My mistake is that I read a book on plastic surgery (not because I wanted any, but because it sounded like an interesting topic) and suddenly I noticed things about my face that I hadn't seen before. Even the lines, which are called nasolabial folds.

But at least the book made me realize that growing old gracefully is better than the alternative.