Emotion Thesarus Entry: Somberness

  • Becoming soft-spoken, devoid of emotion, deadpan
  • A dark or weighted outlook
  • Folding the hands in the lap
  • Flaccid yet unwelcoming body language
  • A monotone voice
  • Dark or heavy observations
  • A bleak mood that affects others, lessens energy, brings people down
  • Drab or plain clothing choices
  • A grim twist to the mouth
  • Difficulty engaging in conversation
  • Sedate mannerisms, minimal or economical movement
  • Becoming unresponsive, distracted
  • Accepting a negative outcome or realization
  • Loss of interest in the usual hobbies or entertainments
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C.R. Evers said...

Once again, another great list! This is why I nominated you on my blog today for the "I love your blog" award. :0)

I think you may have already had this passed to you, but you deserve another nomination for all your hard work! :0)


Becca said...

Well yay! Thanks so much, Christy!

Mary Rand Hess said...

So many meanings for one word. Thanks for the great list!


Angela said...

Thanks guys. I admit, this one was difficult for me, because the expression of this emotion is less exuberant than other emotions. If anyone has any actions to add, please do so in the comments, with our thanks!

Angela said...

Thanks, Christy! We're so glad that you are getting so much out of this blog!!

PJ Hoover said...

I recommend your blog to everyone I know!

Angela said...

PJ: Woot! How was your road trip?

Angela said...

cool list!


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