Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Hopelessness/Depression

· Actions grow mechanical, lose meaning
· Very little energy is put into doing tasks
· Pays no attention to appearance, appearance degrades
· Requires direction from others, even for simple things
· A lack of interest in the feelings of others
· A desire to curl up and sleep to 'escape'
· A lack of energy or strength due to a loss of will
· A bland or blank expression
· Stopping to sit or lie down in extreme danger, dropping to the ground
· A loss of coordination if walking or running (a stumbling gait, wooden steps)
· Voicing a negative outlook or outcome
· Appearing to rapidly age (if depression is ongoing)
· No appetite/may stop eating all together
· Retreats inward, difficult for others to rouse
· Numbness, both mentally and physically
· Inconsolable weeping
· Staring off at nothing
· Non responsive to voices of loved ones or their presence
· Avoidance of life (staying in bed, refusing to dress or to leave room or house in general)
· A noticeably diminished presence to others
· Extreme Melancholy
· Forgetfulness
· Disconnecting from family, community and society
· Rumpled/slept in clothing, may wear same outfit for days at a time
· Poor personal hygiene, may require prompting from others or assistance to care for oneself
· No concept of time
· Weight loss, muscle tone grows flaccid from inactivity
· Cannot account for actions (experiences missing time)
· Requires assistance from others to attend appointments, eat, care for children or pets, etc
· Slipping into a catatonic type 'zone'
· Bouts of crying or mania
· Suicidal tendencies, looking for a quicker 'end' to the current situation
· Requires hospitalization (intervention from family)


PJ Hoover said...

This is great! Thanks so much!

Becca said...

It's our pleasure :)

Pema said...

Ooh, I need this one. I mean, none of my characters necassarily depict "suicidal tendencies", but one does experience a sort of hopelessness.

Becca said...

In writing these entries, I've found it amazing the range that can exist within one emotion. Hopelessness can swing from a vague sense of sadness all the way into suicidal depression. This thesaurus has made me realize how vague a lot of my writing is in regard to emotion.


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