Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Reluctance

· A hard, obvious swallow
· Wetting the lips and giving a jerky nod of assent
· Hands half-curling into fists, then straightening
· A grimace, a pained look
· Eyebrows squeezing together, a focused inward look of discomfort
· Hand fluttering to the lips or neck, as if to cover
· Nervous habits (running a hand through the hair, pacing, rubbing one's hands together)
· Jumpiness
· Moving toward an exit, creating distance from another
· Changing the topic, diverting attention
. Closed body language (hands up in front, feet poised to back up or turn away)

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PJ Hoover said...

I need to make a standard "I love this" response. But I'm a bit reluctant to. Could you tell from how I wet my lips and gave a jerky nod of assent?

Lapillus said...

Awesome as always!

Becca said...

Maybe we could do a thesaurus entry on other words for love:

I "heart" this.
I want to marry this.
If Oprah visited my blog, it would become one of her 'favorite things'.

Natalie Hatch said...

Oh I soo need this today, have just written 13,000 words and used shaking every time my protagonist got into trouble... now i've got more words to play with on the edit...

Don Crane said...

Your writing is so colorful and clear. Thanks for sharing. Hope to be back often. Thanks, Don

Angela said...

Thanks everyone for all the great feedback on this new thesaurus. 13 K--WOW! My record is around 6K...I feel like such a slacker!


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