Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Panic

• Uncontrolled shaking
• Risking a different or lesser danger in order to escape
• Holding oneself tight (wrapping the arms around oneself to make smaller)
• High tolerance to pain, not feeling/noticing injuries
• Increased stength, stamina
• Grabbing onto someone and refusing to let go
• Claustrophobia
• Anxiety attacks, pain in the chest, lungs or throat
• Clutching at the throat or chest
• Gasping for air
• A harried, wild appearance
• Thoughts that turn to death or the worst possible outcome
• Copious sweating
• Backing away in quick jerky steps
• Passing out from a stress overload, lack of oxygen, or both

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Fiona said...

Yay! :D Thanks I've been wanting this one.

Julie Musil said...

Just wanted to tell you awesome ladies that I'm revising my ms, and during the first draft I have (see bookshelf muse) whenever I couldn't figure out how to show an emotion. So now I'm going through it again and using your awesome resource. I just used "panic." Thanks so much!

Becca Puglisi said...

You're so awesome, Julie. Thanks for the pick-me-up! I hope the entries are actually helping, lol.


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