Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Annoyance

• A pinched expression
• An exaggerated sigh
• Taking over a project due to impatience: Here, I’ll do it.
• Narrowing eyes
• Crossing the arms
• Tapping a foot
• A sharpening tone, using short phrases when speaking, clipped answers
• Rigid posture
• Nodding, but with a tightness to it, like one is holding back from saying something
• Throwing the hands up
• Rubbing the brow as if to ward off a headache
• Avoiding looking at the person, staring downward
• Pressing a fist to the mouth
• Fidgeting

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C.R. Evers said...

I'm always amazed at these lists! they are so awesome! :0)

Angela said...

Thank you CR!

True said...

Wow, you keep going. How much emotions do you have left?


Pema said...

Thanks again, Angela. ;) Your site is the only place that I've found these immensely helpful Writing Thesauruses.

Anonymous said...


Just found your blogg on My Writers Circle. Looks realy good. Here's a description that I heard at work recently. Someone came back from a meeting that she described as 'bum clenchingly boring'. I know what she mean!


Pema said...

Angela, the e-mail address you gave me doesn't work. Could you give me it again?

Angela said...

Luc, even I'm not sure. It seems like every time I 'think' we're reaching the end, I think of more emotions! My goal is to cover the strongest ones in the emotional spectrum. We will get to a point where emotions will overlap, and we'll probably stop there.

Pema--ACK! Sorry you're having trouble reaching me! If you go to my blogger profile, my email contact is listed--maybe go that route, in case I made a typo before.

Ray--bum clenchingly boring? Wow, now that's original!

Shari Green said...

Once again, you come to my rescue.... Thanks! :)

Shari Green said...

Once again, you come to my rescue... thanks! :)

Morgan Lee said...

Totally awesome list! Thanks! :D

J.Lee McKenzie said...

Y'all should put together a book!




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