Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Contentment

· Relaxed posture
· Slow easy breathing
· Smiling
· A warm voice, a caring tone
· Crossing the arms over the chest
· Eyes half-closed, a lidded look of satisfaction
· A feeling of connection to life
· Lacing the fingers behind the head
· A wide stance, open demeanor
· Slack muscles, loose limbs, no big or fast movements
· Rolling the neck back and forth and smiling
· (Guys) legs akimbo when sitting, taking up more space than usual
· Looping one's thumbs into the front pockets while standing
· An easy walk, unhurried
· A wandering gaze, taking in random things
· A satisfied sigh

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Mary Witzl said...

Oh, I could use some of this!

I think I'll take a deep, satisfied breath and go sit in the garden.

Angela said...

Sit in the garden? *cries* It's pouring rain here!

Marian said...

I used to wonder why guys sat like that, with their legs akimbo. Finally I decided it might have something to do with virility - you know, the way superheroes are often drawn standing with their legs apart, thumbs tucked into their belts in such a way as to subtly emphasize the crotch region? It didn't occur to me that it could be a sign of simple relaxation as well. Me with my mind in the gutter. :)

Mary Witzl said...

We had at least one month of solid rain; everything was mossy or moldy and every slug in the garden was so fat I could hardly stand it. Now we finally have sun and even though I'm not a sun worshipper, I'm content.

Sadly, we also have biting insects...

beth said...

Great list! Thanks!

Angela said...

That's a good point tho, Marian--they way superheros and the like are shown, it's kind of, "Look at me--I'm a MAN!"

Sadly it is still raining here...


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