Emotional Thesaurus Entry: Confidence/Pride

· Shoulders back, chest out, chin lifted
· Giving a half-shrug and a grin that conveys agreement or secret knowledge
· Flirting
· Comfortable being in close proximity to others or initiating contact
· Telling jokes, adding to or steering a conversation
· Hosting an event or activity (a BBQ, getting the guys together for a football game)
· Bragging, obsessively talking about an achievement or material object (winning a game, a new car, etc)
· Reacting with anger or jealousy if one's reputation is impugned
· Doing or saying things outside of the norm without anxiety or concern
· Leaning in to talk or listen
· Maintaining good eye contact
· Lots of physical contact, touchy-feely
· Running the hands through the hair, flipping one's hair
· Assuming a pose that's sexy, appealing, or draws attention to one's best attributes
· Wearing clothes that are flashy or dramatic

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Sara Spock said...

These are great. Eye contact is a biggie with confidence. Excellent list!

WordWrangler said...

NIcely done! I'll bookmark this one, too! :)


Tabitha said...

I know you know this, but I'm saying it anyway. This thesaurus is awesome!! Thanks for putting it together.

Marian said...

Interesting. I sometimes have male characters running their hands through their hair, but it didn't occur to me that this might be a sign of confidence. Maybe it's a sign of vanity as well - as in, "look at my great hair, not receding... yet!" :)

Becca said...

That's something that has been interesting in compiling these lists--and challenging too; so many gestures can have multiple emotional meanings, depending on the context.

And thanks for the kudos, people :).

Biddy Fraser said...

Amazingly useful - thanks very much for putting it together.


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