Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Stubbornness

· A hard shake of the head
· Swiping the arm across the air between yourself and another in an “enough!” gesture
· Sarcasm, bitter words, insults
· A tightness in the face
· Thrusting the chin upward
· Making fists at one’s sides
· Anger (shaking, shouting)
· Squared shoulders, rigid muscles
· Refusing to listen
· Thrusting out one's lip
· A sullen glower or glare
· A temper tantrum (kicking, screaming, drumming feet onto the floor, jumping up and down in place)
· Single-minded determination, a keen focus on one's goal despite pitfalls or opposition

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Susan Sandmore said...

I favor fingers-in-ears-saying-"Lalalalala--I can't HEAR YOU!"

Donna said...

Subtle facial gestures can also portray stubbornness. For instance, a cock of the eyebrow or an eyeroll.

Becca said...

Good ones.

Creative A said...

Nice. A lot of these actually reminded me of the way I act when I'm frustrated...walking away, tight jaw, etc. I love your whole thesaurus idea *thumbs up*

Ghost Girl said...

Like creative a, I found myself in that list. Thanks for sharing!

JJ Cooper said...

Not a bad list of indicators. I think it should be noted that these indicators are not indicative of 'stubborness' when read in isolation. Verbal, vocal and non-verbal communication may conflict for a variety of reasons. Nervousness may be a cause of crossed arms, stubbornness or even the subject being cold; the subject may just feel comfortable crossing his/her arms.

What I'm trying to say in a nutshell is that you need to consider these indicators if/when they come in clusters and not necessarily in isolation. Still, this list is a good start.



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