Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Disappointment

· Chin dipping to the chest
· Lips pressing tight, eyes focusing inward
· Looking up with hands raised in the ‘why me?’ position
· Collapsing onto a chair or bench
· Weaving slightly
· Avoiding other peoples' eyes, going stone-faced
· Eyes tearing up
· Eyes closing, squeezing shut for a moment
· A wincing, pained expression
· Looking around in confusion
· Attempting to hide (assuming the fetal position, covering the head with the arms)
· Clutching at oneself (gripping elbows, rubbing arms, clenching hands)
· A stomach that drops, a sudden feeling of nausea
· Pressing a hand to the abdomen
· Anger or violence (cursing loudly, hitting something, a tense walk in a small circle)

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Luc2 said...

Great list again, Muses.

Mary Witzl said...

Ooh -- I should have come here when I was rewriting chapter fourteen last week? They really help!

Whenever I try to picture how characters look when feeling certain emotions, I am told that I make weird noises and contort my facial expressions. It's probably better for me to get my writing done while the kids are out of the house...


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