Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Confusion

· Brows drawing together
· Lines forming between the eyebrows
· Head tilting to the side
· Gaze clouding, going distant
· Frowning
· Hands touching the lips, mouth, face
· Glance darting around, head turning, as if looking for answers
· Opening the mouth but not speaking, or opening and closing the mouth several times before forming words
· Swallowing excessively
· Taking a deep breath and letting it out again slowly
· A blank look, a slack expression
· Wilting posture
· Scratching at the cheek, rubbing one's chin
· Asking for affirmation: “Are you sure?”
· Tapping a fist against the lips lightly while thinking
· Denial—shaking head, repeating “No”, warding someone off

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Mary Witzl said...

I've been here before and I think this emotional thesaurus is a great idea.

My characters have a lot of confusion, and my protagonist especially does. So many bitten lips, narrowed eyes, darting glances and -- most of all -- shaken heads. I've got to watch the shaken heads, in fact; at the rate they're going, they'll all get whiplash.

Becca said...

Oh, the dreaded narrowed eyes. If your characters are going to get whiplash, mine are going to be stuck in a permanent squint. :)

bell-E said...

How bout expressions for one who is deep in thought? or for one who just had a light bulb moment?

Sherry said...

These are great!

Although I wish you had examples in all your posts. It would help to get ideas on how to work these gems into the narrative. :-)

skywriter said...

Thanks so much for creating this site! You have helped me make many scenes come to life.


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