Stronger than Fear

YA Fantasy

Dara's world is abruptly shattered when her father and two siblings are murdered by a lifelong neighbor. While she tries to come to grips with the tragedy, other oddities are taking place: relics, those mysterious jewels that keep people from wandering each night into the nightmare part of the dream world, start to fail. People begin to die in their sleep.

In a strange turn of events, Dara is chosen to be a relicsmith, one of the rare people who can walk the dream world awake. In her travels, she discovers that the boundary between the nightmare portion of Reverie and the safe part has been breached. Her people are being pursued, deluded, and led from the safety of the Glimmer into the Haze by someone or something straight out of darkest nightmare.

Emotionally incapable and vastly unqualified, it falls to Dara to repair the breach and return the dream world to safety. But can she do it before her people are destroyed?

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Donna said...

This one sounds really intruiging!


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