Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Happiness/Joy

We're placing these two emotions together as they share many reactions, but the 'range' of feeling can be more intense with pure joy, depending on the level being experienced.

• Noticing the small things around them (smelling the roses, so to speak)
• showing affection—hugging, touching, etc
• rapping the fingers lightly (as if to internal music) on a leg or other surface
• swinging/tapping a foot to an easy beat
• showing patience
• bouncing on one's toes
• rapid speaking
• a feeling of breathlessness
• tingling hands
• a need to share the intense feeling with others
• lightness in the limbs
• an energetic walk, quick movements, no hesitation
• a desire to be with loved ones or friends
• fearlessness
• risk taking

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Scratchy Paw said...

My "master" is always happy with me. Now I have lots of ways to blog about it. Thank you.


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