Emotion Thesaurus: Shock/Surprise

· A small yelp, gasp, squeal, or scream
· Tingling skin
· A heavy feeling in the stomach
· A stiffening posture, rigid muscles
· A sudden coldness (dread) that hits at the core
· Reaching up a hand to lightly clasp the throat
· Splaying the fingers out in a fan against the breastbone
· Pulling books or another object tight against chest
· Eyes that water, shine, or form tears
· A sudden onset of anger or frustration (swearing, screaming, acting violent)
· A shaky voice--soft, halting, disbelieving
· Asking simple questions for clarification: who, when, why?
· A feeling of disorientation, dizziness, euphoria
· A shaky or slow smile that builds as the surprise sinks in
· Grabbing someone close by for comfort
· Giving a quick bark of laughter

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Sera Phyn said...

You took the challenge! That's wonderful! I'm in the middle of my book and people are starting to stare in shock a lot; I needed a reference like this to fall back on. You guys are great! :D

<3 Sera

Angela said...

*stares at Sera phyn*

LOL, thanks. Glad it's helping!

Unhinged said...

These are great. I know I'll refer back to them often. Thank you so much, both of you!

irbuk said...

I made it, finally. Just what I needed ladies, as I try to write a new scene.

Angela said...

Glad to see you here, Roy!

Most Wanted said...

I used your blog for my first book... Most Wanted by Mark McHugh (available on Amazon) and I am finding it indespensible for the sequel, which I am now writing.
Happy bursts of screaming, shouting, laughter, squeals, giggles from a devoted fan!

Sandra Cox said...


Adventures in Children's Publishing said...

Just used this again and had to say thank you. I put the link to our article covering this and your other thesaurus tools on our new Popular Posts section so everyone can see it. Thanks so much!


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