Becca's Nerdery

Peer pressure has gotten the best of me; I've decided to join the Nerdery Movement. Here's where the magic happens:

Items of note:

  • Atop the printer is my beanie baby dragon, Scorch, purchased at the height of the beanie baby craze. Again, peer pressure at its finest.
  • I use the bulletin board for posting quotes, notes of encouragement (including one from Angela in 2004, raving about my very first novel. Ahhh how we both have grown), and pictures I use as inspiration for the setting of my current wip. On top of the bulletin board is a silver dragon (I like dragons) and a miniature of Firiona Vie from my Everquest days. They gaze down upon my writing with disdain—one out of dissatisfaction with my craft, the other because I gave up EQ years ago and took up writing instead.
  • To the left of my desk is the bookshelf, which my dad made when Al and I were first married and had no money or furniture. It holds office supplies, books on the craft of writing, and postal supplies for submission purposes.
  • On top of the bookshelf is the ever-present Yankee candle. The scent changes periodically but it's always a foody one. Right now, it's Buttercream. Mmmmmmm.
  • Next to that is the all-important Coaster. I'd like to note that it's holding a nutritious glass of orange juice. Sadly, there's no Mountain Dew in sight.

This is the view outside my window. I'm inspired largely by nature; I don't think I could write for long or very well in a roomless window with no view of the outside world. This little tree is one of the few in the neighborhood that has leaves instead of fronds. Fronds aren't real leaves, imho. They're rubbery, fan-like symbols for Hot All Year and I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.

Beyond my little tree is the neighbor's house. Close enough that I could reach out and slap it if I so desired. Not that I often do; it's not my neighbor's fault that his house is within spitting distance of mine, or that all the houses in this subdivision are crammed together so close that my dog has roughly a square meter to poop in—but I digress. Ahem.

So…that's my nerdery. It's a little bland, but I think it's quite nerdiferous in its own way.


Thomas Kingsley Troupe said...

That, a fine, fine nerdery. So glad you decided to enter the madness that, was...Nerdery Week!

Catherine J Gardner said...

Oh, I like your space and it's so tidy.

Ghost Girl said...

I'm so envious. That window is fabulous! And is your space always that tidy? Love the dragon. A tiny (and I mean tiny) horse guards my little workspace. Above my desk is a tack board with 3 hilarious "ghost" photos from the 19th century and one of my favorite New Yorker cartoons about children's book writers. Below that is a picture of my favorite editor and me, fanning the flames of hope that she'll actually buy the book we worked on at Chautauqua. Here's hoping...

Thanks for sharing your space, Becca!

Angela said...

Go nerdery!

I didn't know you keep an comment of mine for inspiration--I'm honored. :-)

courtney said...

This is the kind of peer pressure that I heartily approve of.

I am jealous of how streamlined neat your room is and also Scorch rules! I want Scorch overseeing my work. And I think that a bulletin board of encouragement is a totally smart move. More writers should adopt that!!

Becca said...

Thanks, Thomas, for starting this nerdery movement. It was fun.

Catherine and Mary Ann, yeah, it's always that tidy. I'm that way about work, but if you want to feel better, I'll post a picture of my closet, or maybe the grout in my shower. Ewww. Maybe not that.

Courtney, your blog is totally awesome. There. Print that out and start your own encouragement board :).

Unhinged said...

I love the name of your beanie bag dragon. I have a soft spot for dragons, which I blame on the story called Puff the Magic Dragon. So sad.

I, too, need SOME sort of nature for inspiration but since I live in a studio apartment and my window looks at the concrete side of another building, I rely on my trusty artificial plants and my Lifescapes CDs.

How Stephen King managed to write anything cooped up in a closet, I'll never know.

Becca said...

Ahhh. Another reason to admire The King. ;)

Susan Sandmore said...

Very, very neat. Orderly, I mean. I have that same dragon (but I got mine long after the beanie craze was over.) I just had to have him--he's so adorable. For a long time he was in my office, too, but now I think he's off partying with the rest of the beanies in my daughter's room.

Thanks for showing us your nerdery!

courtney said...

Aw, shucks. :)

I'm digging TBM, you know. Daily visit! You and Angela have sucked me in with your bloggy prowess!!

Angela said...

Thanks Courtney! Everyone has given us such a warm welcome into this blogging world. And I totally agree with Miz Becca--your blog, and all the other blogs we hang out at, are pure awesomeness!

Becca said...

Oh jeez. Now we have to post more often, Angela... ;)

Angela said...

I forgot to add this:

Your candle is buttercream, right? Well, guess guess what scent is in my reed diffuser by the monitor on my desk?

*cues Twilight Zone music*

Twins seperated at birth, I'm telling ya.

Donna said...

Lysdexics untie!

I agree. it must be hard to write in a roomless window, too! :)


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